One Piece Cap and Hat

Young pirate, don't go out without your One Piece cap!
It's the ultimate accessory for every pirate! Look, usopp has a durag, luffy has a hat, and even Ace is always wearing a hat! If you want to reach the top, we're not saying a hat is necessary, but it will make you unique and show your personality easily!

You can pair one of our hats with a one piece t-shirt or even a one piece hoodie. There is nothing better than having a complete outfit with your favorite manga to stand out from the others, but above all to assume in front of the whole world what your passion is.

We have caps representing the whole universe of One Piece! From the famous luffy cap to the zoro cap or even the usopp cap. It's up to you to decide which one you like best according to your favorite manga characters.

Each of our caps is adjustable to fit any pirate's head. We have more than 25 different models with unique colors and patterns, and with these on your head, you can be sure that the undisputed One Piece fans will recognize you easily.

Printed patterns, but also embroidered caps, flat caps, but also baseball caps. We have all the types of caps you could want in this collection to satisfy the legendary pirate you want to be.

You can perfectly embrace discretion by wearing a cap that shows your adoration for anime in an elegant and minimalist way or a more imposing cap that is flashier and makes it clear that you are not here to fool around with the other big line pirates.

Our caps are perfect to accompany you on your adventures! They're tough enough to stand up to any fight, they strap on easily and stay on so they don't blow away like Luffy's hat, and they're stylish enough to make a good impression.

Just like the man in the straw hat the cap will become your symbol. You will carry it everywhere with you to keep One Piece and all its values close to you.

We advise you to wear a t-shirt that goes well with this cap which can be in the effigy of One Piece, and even any other garment from our store.

You just have to browse our large collection to choose THE cap that will fit you best. You can also collect them to change often according to your outfit of the day to stay in tune and stylish at any time.