One Piece Flag

Origin of the One Piece crew flag

In the world of One Piece, each major pirate crew has its own One Piece flag. Its creator or initiator is most often the captain, a person who was also responsible for the creation of a given group. For this reason, the crew's Jolly Roger often bears a symbol, idea or characteristic that can be directly linked to the crew captain.
For individual pirate groups, the personal One Piece flag is very important: it is a symbol of the group they belong to, their personal sign.
On the other hand, for outsiders, the One Piece flag is a hallmark that distinguishes individual pirate groups from a distance.
For these reasons, the loss (e.g. by theft) of at least one flag hanging on the ship is considered a great shame among the crew. You may also lose your right to use your One Piece flag as a result of a backstabbing fight.

Danger of the One Piece Flag

In the cartoon, in the eyes of the navy, using and hanging a One Piece pirate flag, even for fun, is a serious crime. While little kids playing with such a number would get away with it, adults referring to the pirate flag can get into serious trouble: hanging the One Piece flag on a ship automatically equates you with pirates and exposes you to attack by the navy even if you are not yet one. Officially wanted by an arrest warrant.

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Luffy One Piece Flag or Mugiwara Flag

Certainly the most famous flag of One Piece, it is the one of the crew of the Straw Hat, whose captain is none other than Monkey D. Luffy, the main character of the pirate series. Alongside Zoro, Usopp, Nami, Nico Robin, Jinbe, Sanji and Brook, Luffy goes in search of the One Piece treasure, the legendary loot of Gol D Roger.

Skanks Flag

Fall for the fierce Skanks Flag with its warrior head, a kick-ass wall decoration for all fans of the pirate Shanks The Red.

Blackbeard One Piece Flag

As fierce as the real Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach is a terrifying pirate, fall for his skull and crossbones flag if you too are ruthless in achieving your goals.

One Piece Whitebeard Flag
Edward Newgate, the strongest man in the world and his black pirate flag, a piece for One Piece lovers.

Law One Piece Flag

Nicknamed the surgeon of death, falls for the flag of his crew of the Heart. Original and beautiful it will easily find a place in your home.

One Piece Ace Flag

Spiritual brother of Luffy and killed in battle in episode 483, pay tribute to this illustrious pirate by displaying the Ace Flag in your home.

One Piece Gold Roger Flag

Legendary pirate from One Piece, pay tribute to him by displaying the One Piece Gold Roger Flag in your buccaneer's lair.

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Where do our One Piece Banners come from?
Our flags are inspired by the real One Piece flags of Eiichirō Oda, drawn and modified by our designers. In no way are our products related to the following companies: