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How did we capture the essence of One Piece in our plush toys and why get a One Piece plush toy now?
One Piece has become a worldwide phenomenon that series like Naruto and Bleach cannot compare to. It is the influence of the story outside the realm of manga and anime. While Naruto may have broken through to the West earlier than One Piece, the continued success of the latter puts it above the former. An adventure of the magnitude of One Piece is a once in a lifetime event.
In terms of "epic" storytelling, One Piece can be compared to stories like Moby Dick and Homer's Odyssey. One of the reasons for this astonishment is, of course, the incredible sense of adventure that prevails in the series.
Compared to its series brethren, One Piece really stands out in terms of art. While Naruto has its quirks and Bleach has adopted a decidedly modern style (by early 2000s standards), One Piece does something different and very effective.
The manga art can be very excessive and over the top, while rarely being too overwhelming or hard to follow. The characters are some of the most recognizable in anime/manga and the battles in One Piece are impressive. The stunning use of color helps even more, while the quality of the art has remained relatively consistent despite One Piece's long run.
Compared to series like Naruto and Bleach, One Piece is at the top of the castle when it comes to well written characters. While the other two have many great character moments, One Piece is on a whole other level, boasting an expansive cast of entirely realistic and likable personalities that complement each other brilliantly.
Each character feels real, no matter what tropes they may exhibit, and none of their changes or developments feel forced. While the competition's characters may have inconsistent motivations and disappointing subplots, One Piece is 100% original.
This One Piece universe, you can bring it back to your room with one of our plush toys featuring your favorite character?
Luffy, Zorro, Shanks, Nami, Robin, Brook, Pipo or the robot Franky: Make your choice,

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It is not by chance that you are reading these lines, whether you are a cat fan or you are looking for a One Piece plush to please your child or a loved one, you have come to the right place.
Modern plush toys are usually made from synthetic fibers such as polyester...We prefer our plush toys to be made with love from organic cotton in compliance with the current plush standards.
All our plush are hand-sewn by experienced craftsmen.
We are constantly striving to renew our range of plush to make them softer and more appropriate to the feedback we get from our customers.