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Who wouldn't want a poster of the super cool and powerful green haired pirate hunter. He's the right-hand man of the future Pirate King and a formidable member in his own right. With his three-sword style, he can slice through anything. He currently has an impressive bounty of 320,000,000 berries. Our new Zoro wanted poster is a realistic illustration of this swordsman.

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The infamous Cat Burglar is beautiful, cunning and dangerous in her own right. Her quick thinking allows her to defeat any opponent when she least expects it. She's also an outstanding navigator destined to lead the crew of the Straw Hat to the One Piece. The sexy Nami currently has a bounty of 66,000,000 berries. If you're looking for top quality Nami posters, you'll be happy to know that Boutique One Piece only carries excellent quality Nami bounty posters.

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He may be a liar, but Usopp is one of the smartest and most cunning characters in the One Piece world. With his quick wit and incredible luck, Usopp has helped the Straw Hat Pirates escape many dangerous situations. This sniper will definitely help Luffy to reach the One Piece. Want the most authentic and up-to-date poster Usopp has ever seen? One Piece Store is your go-to destination for all things Usopp premium poster.

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The lovable doctor of the crew: Chopper is also a powerful pirate in his own right. He loves his crew members and has the cure for any illness they may have. Without his help, the pirate crew would have perished long ago. We have the latest Chopper poster for all the Chopper fans. One Piece Shop is proud to offer the best Chopper premium poster you can find anywhere.

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Soul King is funny, super friendly, talented and powerful too. He is the long awaited musician of the Straw Hat pirates and has taken down many formidable opponents. He may make a lot of panty jokes, but he's definitely not a joke. Want a poster of Brook? One Piece Boutique has a pristine Brook One Piece search poster for you.

Our Brook the Soul King search poster features a super cool photo of the Soul King with his fluffy hair, weird glasses and 83,000,000 berry bounty. With this poster, you'll feel like you're playing guitar with the Soul King himself.


Ace was one of the most powerful characters ever introduced in One Piece. He was a member of the Whitebeard pirates and sworn brother of the revolutionary Sabo and suture of the Pirate King Luffy. With his Mera Mera No Mi, he could destroy anyone. If you're looking for a great Ace search poster, One Piece Store has the coolest Ace bounty poster.

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The most powerful member of the Sweet Commanders, Katakuri is easily one of the most dangerous characters ever introduced. He gave Luffy one of the fiercest battles of his life. It's no wonder you want a Katakuri bounty poster for yourself. True to his power, Katakuri has an incredible bounty of 1,057,000,000 berries. It's very rare to find a genuine Katakuri bounty poster, but at One Piece Boutique, you'll find the most authentic Katakuri bounty poster.

Our Charlotte Katakuri wanted poster features the kindly commander in his super cool posture and his outstanding bounty of 1,057,000,000 berries shows how much of a threat he is to the world government. For Katakuri fans, this Katakuri bounty poster is a must have.


As a member of the Yonko, it's no surprise that Shanks is a scary character. He's the one who inspired Luffy's pirate dreams. Shanks, the redhead, is terrible to look at, very few characters can resist this Yonko. You will certainly want to stick the poster of Shanks' bounty on your walls. Well, One Piece Shop has the best Shanks bounty poster you'll find anywhere.

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The late Whitebeard stood against the former Pirate King himself and with his Gura Gura no mi, he could turn anything to ashes. The captain of the Whitebeard Pirates was nicknamed "The Strongest Man in the World". It can be very difficult to find a sought-after Whitebeard poster, but at One Piece Shop you will find very high quality and rare Whitebeard bounty posters.

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One of the most mysterious and arguably most powerful characters in the One Piece world, Monkey D Dragon, is the most dangerous man in the One Piece world. Just like the character, it can be difficult to find a Monkey D Dragon wanted poster. However, One Piece Store has the most authentic Monkey D Dragon bounty poster.

This poster captures the character in an intimidating pose and an exceptional bounty of +5,000,000,000 berries. It is made of high quality materials and is also very durable. If you want to get your hands on this super rare One Piece Monkey D. Dragon wanted poster, One Piece Store offers worldwide shipping.


The bounty system in One Piece serves as a substitute for power levels in the pirate series - and a much more interesting one at that.

In the world of One Piece, there are two factions fighting for control: the pirates, who are outlaws of the sea, and the marines, who wish to arrest and detain pirates. The two factions have differences. Not all pirates are strictly evil, and the Marines are not above questionable practices in their fight for control. As the Marines strive to control the population and maintain law and order at sea, they have put in place a system to help them stop pirates: the bounty system.

While the bounty system initially put the pirates who were subject to it at greater risk, the system itself became something of an identifying factor: the larger the bounty, the more threatened the person associated with that bounty. In other words, the bounties are One Piece's form of power levels. And while unconventional, they may be a better model for the system.


When a pirate has gained enough notoriety to land them in opposition to the Marines, a Marine official places a large sum of money on their capture. Most BOLOs have a "live or die" rule, although the actual price paid depends on the pirate's condition. In general, the entire bounty will be paid if the criminal is brought in alive, and 30% of that bounty can be withdrawn if the criminal is dead. This is because the criminal cannot be publicly executed. When a pirate is publicly executed, public confidence in the Navy's ability to deliver justice is enhanced.

Some individuals have turned entire careers from pirate hunters into bounty hunters, the aptly named bounty hunters. Roronoa Zoro was one such bounty hunter, before he decided to join Luffy's crew and become the first lieutenant of the straw hats.


The overall power and strength of a pirate can be determined and summarized by the price on their bounty posters, which uses the currency, the Beri (sometimes called Belly).

This is a different system from the traditional power levels depicted in Dragon Ball Z, the most famous example of them in shonen. In the Dragon Ball franchise, the power levels are based on the actual amounts of power within each character, whereas the bounty system does not need to be specifically addressed by the characters in One Piece. Instead, readers can get a basic idea of someone's "power level" based on how much the world government is willing to pay for their arrest. Once a pirate's actions have gained enough notoriety, they will be placed on the bounty chart and if their actions continue, that price will continue to rise, giving a rough idea of how dangerous they are without being too scientifically restrictive.


In the case of Dragon Ball Z, a character's power level is translated to the audience through head-mounted scanners worn by certain characters to determine whether a fight will go in their favor. Basically, a character's power level indicates the type of fight they will have.

An excessively high bounty is an indicator of a pirate's strength, as well as their standing in the endless power struggle of the One Piece world. What a bounty does not indicate, however, is how difficult the fight against the pirate represented will be. This is why it is better than the power levels in Dragon Ball, because bounties are more vague and open to wider interpretation. The bounties are also much more flexible, so they don't become obsolete if the characters become too powerful, which is the case in Dragon Ball (and, in fact, that was the whole point of introducing them in the first place).


Bounty systems, while acting as a form of power system in the One Piece world, are special because of their unpredictability. While the general threat level of a pirate can be determined, the fight itself is not determined by how many Beris the Marines consider "worthwhile." There is no real indicator of the difficulty or complexity of a battle. Luffy's bounty picture, for example, portrays him as a blunderer, which causes many of his pursuers to underestimate him all the time, despite the large sum of money involved. This is why the bounty system keeps the show's characters and the audience on their toes.


Bounty of Gol D. Roger ( King of the Pirates ) 5564800000 Berrys
Edward Newgate's ( Whitebeard ) 5046000000 Berrys
Kaido's bonus 4611100000 Berrys
Charlotte Linlin's ( Big Mom ) 4388000000 Berrys
Shanks' bonus 4048900000 Berrys
Marshall D. Teach's ( Blackbeard ) 2247600000 Berrys
Monkey D. Luffy's bonus 1500000000 Berrys
Queen's bonus 1320000000 Berrys
Charlotte Katakuri's bonus 1057000000 Berrys
Jack's bonus 1000000000 Berrys
Charlotte Smoothie's bonus 932000000 Berrys
Charlotte Cracker Premium 860000000 Berrys
Charlotte Perospero's bonus 700000000 Berrys
Sabo's Premium 602000000 Berrys
Charlotte Snack's Premium 600000000 Berrys
Little Oars Jr. Bonus 550000000 Berrys
Portgas D. Ace's bonus 550000000 Berrys
Chinjao's Premium 542000000 Berrys
Trafalgar D. Water Law's bounty 500000000 Berrys
Edward Weevil's bounty 480000000 Berrys
Eustass Kid's Premium 470000000 Berrys
Jinbe's bonus 438000000 Berrys
Tamago's Premium 429000000 Berrys
Pedro's Premium 382000000 Berrys
Capone Bege Bonus 350000000 Berrys
Scratchmen Apoo's Premium 350000000 Berrys
Don Quixote Doflamingo's Premium 340000000 Berrys
Pekoms Bonus 330000000 Berrys
Vinsmoke Sanji's bonus 330000000 Berrys
Cavendish's Bonus 330000000 Berrys
Basil Hawkins' Bonus 320000000 Berrys
Roronoa Zoro Bonus 320000000 Berrys
Gecko Moria's Bonus 320000000 Berrys
Caesar Clown Bonus 3000000000 Berrys
Charlotte Daifuku's bonus 300000000 Berrys
Charlotte Oven's Bonus 300000000 Berrys
Bartholomew Kuma's bonus 296000000 Berrys
Fisher Tiger's bonus 230000000 Berrys
X Drake's bonus 222000000 Berrys
Caribou's Premium 210000000 Berrys
Squard's bonus 210000000 Berrys
Sai's Bonus 210000000 Berrys
Killer Bonus 200000000 Berrys
Bartolomeo's Bonus 200000000 Berrys
God Usopp / Sogeking Bonus 200000000 Berrys
Bellamy's Bounty 195000000 Berrys
Coribou's Bounty 190000000 Berrys
Premium of Orlumbus 148000000 Berrys
Jewelry Bonney's bonus 140000000 Berrys
Nico Robin's bonus 130000000 Berrys
Prime of Charlotte Mont d'Or 120000000 Berrys
Bonus for Urouge 108000000 Berrys
Bobbin's bonus 105500000 Berrys
Dorry's Premium 100000000 Berrys
Brogy's Premium 100000000 Berrys
Diamante's Premium 99000000 Berrys
Pica Bonus 99000000 Berrys
Trebol's Premium 99000000 Berrys
Vito's Bonus 95000000 Berrys
Rockstar Bonus 94000000 Berrys
Franky's bonus 94000000 Berrys
Albion's Premium 92000000 Berrys
Gotti's Premium 90000000 Berrys
Lip Doughty's Premium 88000000 Berrys
Brook's Premium " 33000000
83000000″ Berrys
Chadros Higelyges' Premium 80060000 Berrys
Boa Hancock's Bounty Over 80000000 Berrys
Nico Olvia's Bounty 79000000 Berrys
Daz Bonez's Bounty 75000000 Berrys
Raccoon's Premium 75000000 Berrys
Gyro's Premium 73000000 Berrys
Doc Q's Premium More than 72000000 Berrys
Gambia's Premium 67000000 Berrys
Suleiman's Premium 67000000 Berrys
Nami's bonus 66000000 Berrys
Van Augur's bonus More than 64000000 Berrys
Lao G's bonus 61000000 Berrys
Devil Dias' Bonus 60000000 Berrys
Señor Pink's bonus 58000000 Berrys
Kerry Funk's bonus 57000000 Berrys
Pink Beard Bonus 52000000 Berrys
Laffitte's Premium More than 42200000 Berrys
Roshio Bonus 42000000 Berrys
Boa Sandersonia Bonus Over 40000000 Berrys
Boa Marigold Bonus Over 40000000 Berrys
Sarquiss's Premium 38000000 Berrys
Mikazuki's Bounty 36000000 Berrys
Shôjô's bonus 36000000 Berrys
Bobby Funk's bonus 36000000 Berrys
Zala's bonus 35000000 Berrys
Bentham's bonus 32000000 Berrys
Gladius' bonus 31000000 Berrys
Marianne's bonus 29000000 Berrys
Demalo Black's bonus 26000000 Berrys
Mont Blanc Cricket Bonus 25000000 Berrys
Foxy's bonus 24000000 Berrys
Galdino's bonus 24000000 Berrys
Charlotte Laura's Premium 24000000 Berrys
Masira's bonus 23000000 Berrys
Jesus Burgess's bonus More than 20000000 Berrys
Scotch Bonus 20000000 Berrys
Rock's Premium 20000000 Berrys
Arlong's Bounty 20000000 Berrys
Don Krieg's Bounty 17000000 Berrys
Lacuba's Bonus 170000000 Berrys
Kuro's Bonus 14000000 Berrys
Baggy's Bonus 15000000 Berrys
Dellinger's bonus 15000000 Berrys
Bluejam's bonus 14300000 Berrys
Drophy's Premium 14000000 Berrys
Gin's Premium 12000000 Berrys
Machvise Bonus 11000000 Berrys
Gem Bonus 10000000 Berrys
Wellington Bonus 10000000 Berrys
Jango's Premium 9000000 Berrys
Kuroobi Bonus 9000000 Berrys
Higuma's bonus 8000000 Berrys
Octo's Premium 8000000 Berrys
Curly Dadan's Premium 7800000 Berrys
Mikita's Premium 7500000 Berrys
Sham's Premium 7000000 Berrys
Buchi's bonus 7000000 Berrys
Premium of Smack 5500000 Berrys
Alvida's Premium 5000000 Berrys
Porchemy's Premium 3400000 Berrys
Babe's Premium 3200000 Berrys
Bepo's Bonus 500 Berrys
Bounty from Tony Tony Chopper 100 Berrys
Bounty of Bounty 1000000000 Berrys
Prize Bounty 800000000 Berrys
Byrnndi World Bounty 500000000 Berrys
Panz Fry's Premium 320000000 Berrys
Chameleone's Premium 300000000 Berrys
Puggy's Premium 200000000 Berrys
Dopp Bonus 200000000 Berrys
Puzzle Bonus 100000000 Berrys
Gasparde's Bonus 95000000 Berrys
Tambu's Premium 70000000 Berrys
Bobrad's Bonus 68000000 Berrys
Woonan's Premium 60000000 Berrys
Needless's Premium 57000000 Berrys
Olive Bonus 50000000 Berrys
Niphtal's Premium 30000000 Berrys
Gad's Premium 30000000 Berrys
Din's Premium 30000000 Berrys
Zabal's Bonus 30000000 Berrys
Willy's bonus 20000000 Berrys
Bigalo's Bonus 14900000 Berrys
Battler's Premium 14900000 Berrys
Wetton's Bonus 14800000 Berrys
Bear King Bonus 11600000 Berrys
Gyanzack's Bonus 10000000 Berrys
Dick's Bounty 10000000 Berrys
El Drago's Bonus 10000000 Berrys
Pin Joker Bonus 9900000 Berrys
Golass' Bonus 8000000 Berrys
Honey Queen Bonus 7800000 Berrys
Captain Seven Bonus 7110000 Berrys
Skunk One Bonus 6000000 Berrys
Premium of Billy 5000000 Berrys
Gally (Romance Dawn)" Bonus 5000000 Berrys
Heaby's bonus 4200000 Berrys
Hotdog's bonus 4000000 Berrys
Spiel's bonus 3500000 Berrys
Gally's Premium (Arc Loguetown) " 3450000 Berrys
Pandaman's Bonus 3333333 Berrys
Boo Jack's Premium 3200000 Berrys
Billy's Premium 3000000 Berrys
A.A.A's Bonus 2200000 Berrys
Wild Joe's bonus 2000000 Berrys
D.R.'s bonus 1800000 Berrys
Hitokui's bonus 1500000 Berrys
Henna Oyag's Bonus 1200000 Berrys
Koba K's Bonus 100000 Berrys
Usanksai's Bonus 50000 Berrys
Sard Bonus 40000 Berrys
Tohenbok Bonus 5000 Berrys
Bounty from Tacobo 1000 Berrys
Mikio Itoo's bounty "¥ 1000000 (Yen)
Gill Bastar's bounty 87340000000 (unknown currency)
Aladdin's bounty Unknown
Avalo Pizarro's bonus Unknown
Bounty from Ben Beckmann Unknown
Premium of Catarina Devon Unknown
Crocodile's Premium More than 81000000 Berrys
Crocus's Premium Unknown
Dareda's Premium Unknown
Dontacos Bonus Unknown
Douglas Bullet Bonus At least 100000000 Berrys
Dracule Mihawk's Premium Unknown
Emporio Ivankov's bonus At least 100000000 Berrys
Red Arrow Crew Bonus At least 1000000 Berrys
Bounty from Rally Brothers Less than 1000000 Berrys
Bounty from George Black At least 100000000 Berrys
Bounty from Helsing Unknown
Bounty from Inazuma At least 100000000 Berrys
Joz's bonus Unknown
Kairo Kureyo's bonus At least 100000000 Berrys
Kinoko's Bonus At least 100000000 Berrys
Koala's Bonus Unknown
Bounty from Kozuki Oden Unknown
Lucky Roux's bonus Unknown
Lytton's bonus Unknown
Marco's bonus Unknown
Mobu Head's bonus At least 10000000 Berrys
Monkey D. Dragon's bonus Unknown
Patrick Redfield's bonus At least 100000000 Berrys
Pete's bonus Less than 1000000 Berrys
Bounty from Roche Tomson At least 100000000 Berrys
Bounty from Sanjuan Wolf Unknown
Shiki's bonus Between 10000000 and 100000000 Berrys
Shiliew Bonus Unknown
Silvers Rayleigh's bounty Confirmed bounty but amount is unknown
Bounty from Simon Unknown
Bounty from Le Soldat Fureur Éclair Unknown
Bonus for Vander Decken IX Unknown
Bonus for Vasco Shot Unknown
Bonus for Vista Unknown
Premium from Yorki Unknown
Premium of Zeff Unknown