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Mix mafia and piracy by cracking up for this Capone Gang Bege Wanted.

Capone Gang Bege is one of the supernovae of the worst generation. As such, he is the captain of his own crew, the Fire Tanks. With his heavily mobster-inspired design, as well as his name, he is inspired by the bandit Al Capone. He is a pirate who likes to be in the background to act in the shadows.

He is not a coward though, that is part of his strategy, which is to surprise his enemies to take them down quickly. Capone Bege is ruthless and sadistic, but he knows good manners and expects others to be blameless.

Show your attachment to a ruthless pirate from One Piece with this Capone Gang Bege BOLO.

Capone Bege ate the demon fruit of Shiro Shiro no mi, which makes him a fortress man. Although he can be angry if his men do not respect his will, his fruit allows him to house many of his men, whom he miniaturizes in his body.

They return to their normal appearance when these men leave his body. This is central to his strategy, which, as mentioned above, is to surprise his opponents so that he can execute them quickly. There is a 300 million Berry bounty on his head.

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One Piece Wanted Capone Bege Poster Information

  • One Piece Wanted Notice: Real One Piece Universe Wanted Notice for real pirates
  • Capone Bege Award: 300,000,000 Berrys and 180,000,000 Berrys
  • High Quality Printing: true colors
  • Dimension: 300 million Berrys 51 cm X 36 cm and 180 million Berrys 42 cm X 30 cm