Figurine One Piece Zoro And His Bandana

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< h2>Young pirate, the time has come for you to acquire this One Piece Zoro And His Bandana Figure.

You are not unaware that this swordsman has green hair and a rather impressive physique. He sports a dark green/black bandana, which is usually attached to his left arm when he is not fighting seriously, three earrings adorn his left ear, and three katanas are attached to his right side.

Among the sartorial peculiarities of his basic outfit are his black pants and his haramaki (a kind of belt worn in Japan by old men and pregnant women). Zoro's clothes vary according to the arcs and seasons. By the way, if you're particularly fond of this character, find the figurine of Zoro in his white outfit.

So, conquered by the Zoro figurine and his bandana? If so, join this renowned swordsman and embrace his style.< /h3>

Whether you're an early fan or a fine collector, these items are bound to be for you. Perfect for gifting, decorating or collecting, these items will expand your One Piece universe. So, don't hesitate and jump on the opportunity to board the Thousand Sunny. Many adventures await you there.< /p>

Information on Zoro Figurine and his Bandana

  • One Piece Figurine: Premium figurine from the One Piece universe for real pirates
  • Material : P.V.C
  • Dimension: 18 cm