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Want to give your room a dark edge while still keeping up with your manga passion? In that case, this Gekko Moria Wanted Wanted is tailor-made for you.

Gekko Moria (also called Gecko Moria depending on the translation) is a former Shichibukai, which are pirates who have chosen to join the Navy to provide them with help, while still being able to carry on with their activities. This is the main antagonist of the Thriller Bark arc. This arc was one of the most appreciated by fans in relation to its dark universe and a similar theme to Halloween, with skeletons and zombies for example.

Moria ate the fruit of the Kage Kage no mi, which allows her to steal shadows and assign them to other people, or to absorb them directly to grow and become more powerful. It should be noted that a person without a shadow cannot go directly into the sunlight, otherwise he is dissolved, as would be a vampire.

Give your room an air of mystery by decorating its walls with a wanted poster of a very original looking pirate.

Gekko Moria is an endearing character despite his apparent evilness. When his crew was killed by Kaido, Moria decides to make an army of zombies because they are immortal. He makes this choice because he doesn't want to lose any more of his subordinates.

Gekko Moria's premium is 320 million Berrys.

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One Piece Wanted Gekko Moria Poster Information

  • One Piece Wanted Notice: Real One Piece Universe Wanted Notice for real pirates
  • Prime of Gekko Moria: 320,000,000 Berrys
  • High Quality Printing: True colors
  • Size: 51 cm x 36 cm