One Piece Ace Fists In Flames Figure

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< h2>Young pirate, the time has come for you to get this One Piece Ace Fists In Flames Action Figure.

As a reminder, Portgas D. Ace, known as "Ace with the Burning Fists" is the spiritual brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo. He is the only son of the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and his wife Portgas D. Rouge. A quick aside regarding Gol D. Roger; as you know, he was the previous and only Lord of the Pirates and the former owner of the legendary treasure, the One Piece.

By the way, if you'd like to expand your figurine collection, the lot of two figurines representing Luffy and Gol D Roger are at your fingertips. Coming back to Ace, you know that he ate the demon fruit Mera Mera no Mi which is a Logia fruit that allows its user to create, control and transform into fire at will. This fruit was eaten by Sabo upon the death of Portgas D. Ace.

So, conquered by Ace's burning fists figure? If so, join this spiritual sibling. Many adventures await.< /h3>

Whether you're an early fan or a fine collector, these items are bound to be for you. Perfect for gifting, decorating or collecting these items are bound to find their place within your One Piece universe. Don't wait any longer, take your destiny in your hands and board the Thousand Sunny.

Information on Ace Fists in Flame Figurine

  • One Piece Figurine: Premium action figure from the One Piece universe for true pirates
  • Material : P.V.C
  • Dimension: 20 cm