One Piece Crocodile Figure in Wano Kuni

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Young pirate, the time has come for you to get this One Piece Crocodile Action Figure in Wano Kuni.

You are not unaware that Crocodile, better known as Sir Crocodile or Mr. 0, was the president of Baroque Works and the main antagonist of the Baroque Works Saga. He is the first enemy of the series and was the first enemy to actually defeat Luffy. He was first introduced as one of the 7 privateer captains, but was stripped of his title when he tried to take over Alabasta, the desert kingdom.

He was initially portrayed as a major enemy of Luffy, however, the two formed an uneasy and unlikely alliance during their escape from Impel Down. By the way, if you want to expand your action figure collection, the Luffy "King of Pirates" figurine is right at your fingertips. Finally, you should know that the Land of Wa or Wano, also formerly called "Land of Gold" is a country populated mainly by samurai and ninjas, not affiliated with the World Government.

So, conquered by the Crocodile figurine in Wano Kuni? If so, join the former president of Baroque Works.

Whether you're an early fan or a fine collector, look no further, these items are bound to be for you. Perfect for gifting, decorating or even collecting these items will expand your One Piece universe. Your fate is in your hands, young pirate.

Information on Crocodile Figurine in Wano Kuni

  • One Piece Figurine: Premium figurine from the One Piece universe for true pirates
  • Material : P.V.C
  • Dimension: 18 cm