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One Piece Wanted Monkey D. Luffy T-Shirt 500 Million Berrys Wanted Notice, A super quality T-Shirt for a pirate like you!

If you're a true pirate, you'll appreciate the quality of the fabric and Canvas 3D printing of this One Piece T-shirt! But most importantly, with this printed shirt is that you'll be part of the fan crew of the pirate manga and you'll get :

  • The admiration of every mugiwara fan you come across
  • A true printed t-shirt that you can become a member of Team Luffy

So, ready to wear the colors of Mugiwara No Luffy?

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If you read or watch the Japanese anime, chances are you've gone crazy about One Piece! With this One Piece T-Shirt Luffy Wanted, join the team of fans of the license

This white t-shirt is available in sizes XS,S,M,L, XL,XXL, it will fit all categories of pirates, man or female, even if you don't have sword or demon fruit you can still wear it proudly

T-Shirt information:

  • Premium quality shirt: Has a high gramming, with quality materials
  • Full cut : tee-shirt with a wide cut, for more comfort
  • Very comfortable: With these fibers of super cotton, there's no soft.strong>friction
  • 3D digital printing : printed t-shirt with original design, Canvas print
  • Organic cotton: Quality cotton with extra long fibers
  • Free Shipping on all purchases

Don't forget to check out the size guide below.

one piece t-shirt size guide

Wash instructions :

  • Machine wash at 30°C, delicate program
  • Pass to Inverse

To preserve quality of this t-shit One Piece, we recommend observe the washing instructions.