Table One Piece the Straw Hat Crew

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One Piece 3 Panel Painting with the Mugiwaras in Three Different Situations,A quality painting for a pirate like you!

If you're a true pirate, you'll appreciate the quality of the canvas, paint and frame for their designsand the 3D Canvas printing of these 3 One Piece square paintings! But most importantly, with these paintings, you'll be part of the crew of fans of the pirate manga and you'll get:

  • The admiration of all the fans of the mugiwaras that you will invite to your home
  • 3 square printed boards with which, you'll be able to imagine yourself with Monkey D. Luffyand his Mugawaras

So, ready to display the colorsof the Straw Hat crew?

Are you a fan of the One Piece manga or anime? Show it off with these 3 One Piece Square Charts!"

If you read or watch the Japanese anime, there's a good chance you've gone crazy for One Piece! With these 3 Square Boards the Straw Hat Crew, join the crew of fans of the license

These wallboards are available with a wooden frame the variant "With Frame", it is also possible to have only the canvas with the variant "Without Frame". you will find the paintings in the sizes TVery Small, Small,Medium,Large,Very Large. These 3 paintings can be of purchased individually or in pack. They will suit all categories of pirates, even if you don't have sword or demon fruit you can still hang it proudly at home

These paintings have three different images, the first square painting depicts Mugiara No Luffy and his crew running, the second square board with the crew of the Straw Hat with Thousand Sunny and the third square array with the Mugiwaras in Mini

Array Information:

  • High quality Printed Canvas: Wall canvas made up of cotton and linen, to get a canvas worthy of the name
  • Ultra Design Board : the three-part table gives a lot of style to a room, fans can't help but love it
  • Color and Print: One Piece painting with a Canva print the gold standard in canvas printing
  • Lightweight Wallboard : super lightweight frame, only need a nail or the paw to fixed./strong> to hold it to the wall
  • Wood Frame : The "With Frame" variant comes with a wooden frame and the "Without Frame" version comes without the wooden frame
  • FREE SHIPPING with any purchase

Don't forget to check out the size guide below.

One Piece 3 Piece Chart, Size : Very Small

size guide chart One Piece 3-piece chart very small

One Piece 3 Piece Table, Size : Small

size guide chart Boutique One Piece 3 piece chart small

One Piece 3 Piece Chart, of Size : Medium

size guide chart Boutique One Piece 3 piece chart medium

One Piece 3 Piece chart, from Size : Large

size guide chart Boutique One Piece 3 piece chart large

One Piece 3 Piece chart, of Size : Very Large