1000 Piece Puzzle One Piece Porgas D. Ace

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A Great Game for a Pirate Like You!

If you're a true pirate, little or big, you'll appreciate the quality of the wooden pieces, the painting and the printing./strong> of the wooden pieces, the painting and 3D printing of this 1000 piece One Piece puzzle! But most importantly, with this puzzle game or brainteaser, you'll be part of the crew of fans of the pirate manga and you'll get:

  • The admiration of all the mugiwara fans you invite to play at your house
  • A real printed puzzle with which you can have fun putting together all the pieces to unveil Porgas D. Ace
  • So, ready to play with a One Piece game?

    Are you a fan of the One Piece manga or anime? Show it off with this One Piece Thousand Piece Puzzle!

    If you read or watch the Japanese anime, there's a good chance you've gone crazy about One Piece! With this puzzle 1000 pieces Poragas D. Ace, join the crew of fans of the license

    Ace with the Burning Fist the second in command of Edward Newgate's fleet, with arms spread with flames around him. Ace had eaten the Pyro-Fruit or Mera Mera No Mi, he was killed by Sakazuki Akainu on Mary Geoise during the Great War

    Information About the Puzzle:

    • Premium Printed Puzzle: the pieces are made of wood
  • Ultra Design Puzzle : this 1000 part puzzle is super beautiful once terminated you can use it as a tabletop, fans can only love it
    • Color and Print: One Piece puzzle with a Canvas print the benchmark in printing
    • Medium Difficulty: best suited for children from 6 years old. Before this age, the supervision of an adult is advised
      • For Kids and Bigs: This is a great opportunity to do a playful and exciting activity with your child or with your parents
      • Dimension: height 50 cm, width 75 cm, thickness 2 mm
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