Marshall D. Teach Wanted

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How would you like to decorate your walls with a poster of a badass badass pirate? This Marshall D Teach Wanted Notice should suit you.

Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard became the fourth Emperor after he killed Whitebeard at the end of the great Battle of Marineford. He is a ruthless pirate, but seems open-minded when he meets Luffy as he is teased that dreams never go away, implying that one should always believe in them.

However, he will become an enemy later on as he will capture Ace and hand him over to the World Government since at that time, Marshall D. Teach is a shichibukai, so that Ace will be executed.

Hang on your wall the wanted poster of one of the most talked about antagonists in One Piece, Marshall D. Teach.

In addition to being ruthless, Marshall D. Teach is very smart as he seems to calculate his every move. He takes advantage of the mayhem at Impel Down to recruit some of the most dangerous prisoners from the lowest level of the prison, but also, he kills Whitebeard when the latter is very weakened to steal his demon fruit and strengthen his own or his crew's power. Marshall D. Teach's head is worth 2 billion 247 million and 600 thousand Berry.

If you like bounties, this notice of search for Marco should delight you.

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