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Are you a big fan of Luffy's crew in One Piece? If so, you might enjoy this Wanted Nico Robin Wanted.

Nico Robin, aka the Demon Child is a pirate who is part of the Mugiwaras crew. Although she is an enemy of Luffy under the alias of Miss Allsunday on behalf of Baroque Works, she chooses on her own to take Luffy's ship after the Baroque Works and Crocodile defeat Luffy's crew.

She is the archaeologist of the crew and is one of the few people alive who can read the Poneglyphs, in order to better understand the ancient history of One Piece.

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Nico Robin is an endearing character, especially when we discover his flashback about his childhood and the Buster Call that took place in Ohara. There is a 130 million berry bounty on her head.

She is also the focus of an iconic moment in the anime, with her line "I want to live! Take me with you to the sea!" when she's trapped by CP9 and the Straw Hat crew comes to rescue her.

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One Piece Wanted Nico Robin Poster Information

  • One Piece Wanted Notice: Real One Piece Universe Wanted Notice for real pirates
  • Nico Robin's Award: 130,000,000 Berrys
  • High Quality Printing: True colors
  • Size: 51 cm x 36 cm