One Piece Luffy Swim Shorts

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One Piece Swim Shorts Black with Monkey D. Luffy, A quality swimsuit for a pirate like you!

If you're a true pirate, you'll be appreciative of the quality of materials, of the designand the 3D printing of these One Piece swim shorts! But most importantly, with these shorts you'll be part of the crew of fans of the pirate manga and you'll get :

  • The admiration of every mugiwara fan you meet
  • A real printed swim short that you can swim in on Grand Line, but beware it's not advisable to go into the sea if you've eaten a demon fruit

So, ready to put on the colors of Mugiwara No Luffy?

Are you a fan of the One Piece manga or anime? Show it off with this Bath Shorts!"

If you read or watch the Japanese anime, there's a good chance you've gone crazy for One Piece! With these Black Swim Shorts Luffy, join the crew of fans of the license

these shorts are available in sizes xxs, xs, S, M, L, XL, it will fit all categories of pirates, even if you don't have sword or demon fruit you can still wear it

Monkey D. Luffy, feared by the Navy after burning the flag of World Government and defeated CP9 at Enies Lobby and for bombing the Flag.strong>brought a Celestial Dragon ( or Tenryuubito) to Sabaody.strong>Sabaody

Don't forget to check out the size guide below.

baim one piece shorts size guide chart xxs, xs, s, m, l, xl

Wash instructions:

  • Machine wash at 30°C, delicate program
  • Print inside out

To preserve the quality of this One Piece Swim Shorts, we recommend that you follow the washing instructions.