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Young forban, it's time to get this Pirate Chopper Plush.

As a reminder, Tony Tony Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Crew. Chopper is a reindeer who ate the Hito Hito no Mi, allowing him to transform into a human. He is the sixth member of this, and the fifth to join the Crew. Also, his bonus before the ellipse was just 50 Berry, now this has simply doubled to 100 Berry after the events of Dressrosa.

This makes him the smallest bonus in the series. The reason for such a low bonus is that the Navy considers him the Crew Pet. Despite this, within the Crew, he is well regarded as being a Doctor and Pirate in his own right. By the way, if you want to expand your plush collection, the navy-colored Chopper plush is right up your alley.

So, won over by this Chopper plush? If so, adopt it without further delay and join the Crew Doctor. Many adventures await you.

One Piece is the best-selling manga in the world. Be proud to be a part of it and continue to claim your infatuation with this universe. Whether you're a die-hard fan or an avid collector, these items are made for you. So look no further and continue your adventure within the fabulous universe of Luffy.

One Piece Chopper Plush Information:

  • Product Type : Plush from the One Piece manga
  • Use of the Plush : Toy, decoration, collection, gift
  • Character Name : Tony CHopper
  • Size of Plush: 25 centimeters
  • Material: Cotton
  • Recommended Age: Over 3 years old
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