Trafalgar Law Wanted

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Young Pirate, come get your hands on this Trafalgar Law Wanted.

Trafalgar Law, whose real name is Trafalgar D. Water Law, is the Captain and Doctor of The Heart Crew. This pirate crew is mostly made up of doctors. Law is from White City, an island in North Blue. He is also part of a group of eleven pirates who are nicknamed the Eleven Supernovae on The Sabaody Archipelago; they are renowned pirates with a bounty of over 100,000,000 Berry.

By the way, the Zoro WANTED is at your fingertips. Zoro is also one of the Eleven Supernovae. Getting back to Law, as you can see, his bounty is 500,000,000 Berry.

So, young sailor, conquered by this wanted notice that concerns the captain of the Heart Crew. If you wish, this poster can be plastered on your wall.

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One Piece Wanted Trafalgar Law Poster Information

  • One Piece Wanted Poster: Real One Piece Universe Wanted Notice for real pirates
  • Trafalgar Law's Award: 500,000,000 Berrys
  • High Quality Printing: True colors
  • Size: 51 cm x 36 cm