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Are you looking to redecorate your room? In that case, indulge in the Bartolomeo Wanted Wanted.

If you like what's going on in One Piece at the New World level and more specifically in Dressrosa, you have to like Bartolomeo who is a captain and a rookie from a generation after Luffy. He's a big Luffy fan who witnessed the botched execution of him by Captain Baggy the Clown in Loguetown. When Luffy was saved by lightning, Bartolemeo believes he witnessed a miracle and immediately begins to become Luffy's biggest fan.

Bartolemo ate the Bari Bari no mi's fuit, which allows him to create barriers to protect himself, but he also uses it to wrap his hands around it to attack his opponents. He is the commander of the second fleet of the Great Fleet of Mugiwara.

With this Poster faithful to the One Piece Bills, Bartolomeo will proudly adorn your wall.

Decorate your room or office with thisWanted Poster of Bartolomeo that displays the sum of 200 million Berry for his capture dead or alive, it will add a touch of class from your favorite manga.

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One Piece Wanted Bartolomeo Poster Information

  • One Piece Wanted Poster: Real One Piece Universe Wanted Notice for real pirates
  • Bartolomeo's Award: 200,000,000 Berrys
  • High Quality Printing: True colors
  • Size: 51 cm x 36 cm